Stephanie's of Cape Cod

Stephanie's At Russell's Corner 132 Route 6A Sandwich, MA 02563

Kitchen & Tabletop Essentials


At  Stephanie’s you will find a good selection of dishtowels and flour sack  towels with magnetic note pads. They make great hostess gifts. A  variety of placemats, napkins, napkin and candle rings are also offered.  

Wreaths, Silk arrangements, Pillows and Paintings

 All  silk arrangements and wreaths are made from the finest selected silks.  Whether for your home or a gift for your best friend,  
wreaths and silk flower arrangements are something special and  unique. Bring your own container and ask Stephanie to make a custom-made  arrangement for you. Who doesn't need another pillow? Great finds and  new designs are found here. The canvas Giclees are from the South  Carolina artist, Gerri Hyman. 

Hostess Gifts, Greeting cards & Ornaments

 The  Nantucket basket makes a great gift from Cape Cod. It serves as a tea  light as well as a holder for Q-tips or toothpicks or a flower vase. The  shell ornaments have been great year-round sellers. Lavender sachets  with sayings and spiced mug mats from Alice’s Cottage make wonderful  hostess or work colleague gifts. Buy one of each and put them in Alice’s  gift bag.  Stephanie makes seasonal wine caddies and decorated starfish  to hang on the Christmas tree or in your bathroom as a Cape Cod  remembrance. 

Hand-dipped Candles

 At  Stephanie’s you will find unscented hand-dipped taper (7/8’ x13”)  candles made in Maine in a palette of colors to illuminate your table  and spirit. The whimsical angels and mermaids pictured here are made by  Natalie Silitch of Maryland.  Collect her yearly new creations, they  make you smile. 


 At  Stephanie’s you will find The Naked Bee Products, luxurious spa soaps,  kitchen liquid soaps, men’s soap and Gardner's soap, all made in the  USA.